Alex Collins Dies at 28: Former Seahawks Passed Away after Motorcycle Crash

Former NFL Player’s Died on Monday Morning Confirmed by Family.


With profound sorrow, we share the heartbreaking news of the untimely demise of Alex Collins, a revered figure who graced the rosters of the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens during his illustrious NFL career. At the age of 28, he has left a void that is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing him.


In a statement released by his family, they express their heavy hearts as they convey the passing of their beloved Alex Collins. His memory was held dear by his family, close friends, and a multitude of admirers spanning the globe. His indomitable spirit, unwavering resolve, and captivating persona endeared him to those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. During this challenging period, we humbly seek your thoughts and prayers for strength and solace for his grieving family.

Alex Collins (American football)

The cause of his death is not yet shared but it is in the news, Alex Collins died in a motorcycle accident.

Back in 2016, the Seattle Seahawks picked this really good running back in the fifth round of the draft. He did amazing in college at Arkansas, running for more than 1,000 yards in each of his three years there.


He joined the Baltimore Ravens in 2017, and that same year, he was the top runner on the team, making almost 1,000 yards. He was famous for doing an Irish dance when he scored touchdowns, which he learned from his high school coach’s daughter.


The Ravens said they were sad about his passing and mentioned how he always had a smile and was kind to everyone. They want people to remember the happiness and love he spread.

A former quarterback of the Seahawks, Russell Wilson, said he really liked being on the same team as this player. He said he’ll miss him a lot and hopes he’s dancing up in heaven.


The Ravens’ coach, John Harbaugh, also had nice things to say. He remembered how the player was always happy and had a bright spirit. He called him a good teammate and said he worked hard and helped the team do well.


The player came back to the Seahawks in 2021 after a break, and he also played with another team earlier this year.


Sadly, another person who used to play with the Ravens and at Arkansas, named Ryan Mallett, drowned in June.



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